Marching Band Information

The Homestead Committee invites all Marching Bands to be a part of the 52nd Annual Homestead Festival Parade. We hope you will join us as we endeavor to celebrate the performing arts!


All bands must be registered by August 4th using this link:


Important Information:

  • All bands will be in the first half of the parade to ensure they can make it to the award/food ceremony close to the same time and to avoid overheating in band uniforms.
  • Bureau County Bands will alternate as leaders every year: Princeton High School (2022), Bureau Valley High School (2023), and Hall High School (2024).
  • A donation will be made to each participating school to show our appreciation to the schools for making the trip and being a part of the parade. Checks will be handed to the band directors on the day of the parade. Donations are based on band size as outlined below:
    • 25 – 49 members $ 300.00
    • 50 – 74 members 500.00
    • 75 – 99 members 750.00
    • 100 + members 1,000.00


Information for the Day of the Parade:

  • Buses can drop off participants at Rotary Park. All bands will wait at Rotary Park for the parade to start.
  • Once buses drop off participants, they can make their way down to West Side Ball Park. Buses can park there and wait for band members to finish the parade.


Band Judging and Awards:

  • Trophies will be awarded to the marching bands based on musical performance, precision, and crowd appeal.
  • Judging will take place as the marching bands pass through the announcer’s booth on South Main Street. In the past, the committee has asked for bands to stop and perform in front of the booth; however, in order to keep the parade moving steadily bands should play throughout the parade route and past the announcer’s booth (no stops to perform).
  • When the marching bands get to the end of the parade route, take a right onto Park Avenue West and head towards West Side Ballpark. At the ballpark, the Princeton Rotary Club will be serving hotdogs and a drink to all band participants.  Once all marching bands complete the parade, awards will be given. While bands are waiting for awards, they are welcome to load up all their equipment on the bus and hang out at the ballpark.

Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in categories based on band size.