13th Annual BBQ Rib Cook-Off

Competition Information

Sunday, September 8
6am - 4pm
Located in the Central Bank Parking Lot
317 S. Main Street Princeton, IL.

Get your cooking hats on and come out to this fun-filled event on Sunday. Pre-register and show up at 6am to have your spot assigned to you. Start cooking whenever you would like. Mingle with fellow cooks and prepare your finest meat around! Your meat will then be judged by anonymous judgers who get to taste test every single entry. The winner takes home $500!

The Details

Entry fee is $30

Please mail a check to Homestead Festival PO Box 572 Princeton, IL 61356. Checks should be made out to Homestead Festival.

Fill out the form below with your name, address, phone number and email to enter!

- Meat inspections start at 6am.
- Cooking sites will be assigned/chosen upon arrival.
- Use of charcoal, wood(s) and pellets allowed this year – no electric grills or smokers.
- No pre-seasoning, marinating, or pre-cooking allowed.
- Turn in time will be 5 minutes either side of 3pm – turn in location is the front door of Central Bank.
- Entry platter will be assigned mid-morning, with each contestant’s own entry number.
- Each contestant must turn in a minimum of eight or more bone-in pork ribs.
- Entries will be judged on a scale of 1 through 9, with 5 being the median/average upon presentation, tenderness, and taste. A perfect score would be a cumulative 27 points.
- To preserve neutrality, each entry will not be judged/compared to another – rather as it’s own entity.
- Clean an safe handling of meat is a top priority.
- Winners will be announced at 3:30 – 4pm on site!

Sign Up Here

For more information or to sign up, contact Hector Gomez by completing the form below or email Hector at hmgomez93@gmail.com