Additional Rules & Information


We are looking forward to seeing you in the Homestead Festival Parade on September 9th in Princeton, IL.  To maximize the quality of the experience for you and the several thousand of people who will watch the parade, please respect these simple rules:

  • Check-in will be done by sending a text message to 815-303-2187 with your entry name once you arrive at your check-in location. Your specific parade line-up location will be provided via email by September 1st.  There will not be flags or anything noted in the yards this year – you should line up at your location as identified on the map you receive the week prior to the parade.
  • To keep the parade moving in a timely manner, every entry should maintain a safe distance from the entry in front of them. To avoid any delays, all entries must maintain a distance of no more than three (3) car lengths away from the preceding entry.
  • Entries should not stop during the parade – entries must always maintain movement.
  • For the safety of the large number of small children along the route please take care and take caution when distributing candy and other items during the parade. Especially items thrown from a float or vehicle.  Candy must be thrown on the ground near viewers in parade route.
  • Please DO NOT consume alcoholic beverages along the parade route. City of Princeton law prohibits public possession of alcohol.
  • Please DO NOT allow riders to board a truck or float after it has moved from your line-up position. DO NOT stop at Marquette and Main or any other location on the route to load riders. This is dangerous and disrupts the flow of the parade.
  • Please DO NOT park any vehicle on private property.
  • If your entry has animals, you are responsible to clean up after them.
  • Please DO NOT stop to dismantle your unit at the end of the parade until you have reached Pleasant Street.